In the business of making money everythi

In the business of making money everything boils down to numbers
whether you are buying a stock the numbers are in the bid & ask
selling a home the numbers are the list price minus the commission
or selling a item on ebay the cost you bought it for vs what you sold
it for.
In internet marketing you can make money off of numbers
the easiest way to profit from the numbers offered in interent
marketing is to make a little money from a whole lot sites.
Its pretty hard to get enough visitors to one website that will convert
100 up to a thousand dollars a day.
but it is fairly easy to get $5-10 dollars per site from a hundred different
websites.some top internet marketers have a hundred thousand are more websites
and url domains, for them 10 to 15 cents a site adds up to a lot of money per day.
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